The healing power of mudras during yoga

Did you know that your health is in your hands?

The healing power of the hands plays a significant role during meditation. Did you know that a mudrā is a spiritual gesture that redirects energy. By placing your hands and fingers in specific positions energy flows into the body. By stimulating endorphins and influencing energy of our physical, emotional and spiritual body one will gain higher consciousness.

Mudrā is a spiritual gesture that redirects energy


Mudras represent the elements

Mudrās are used in conjunction with pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), and are representative of the basic elements through the positioning of the fingers and thumbs:

  • Agni Mudra the gesture of fire (thumb);
  • Vayu Mudra the gesture of air (index finger);
  • Akasha Mudra the gesture of space (middle finger);
  • Prithvi Mudra gesture of earth (ring finger);
  • Varun Mudra the gesture of water (pinky finger)

When we use these elements within our body during meditation, we can carry specific goals of channeling our body’s energy flow and balancing out the elements within. Practicing these yoga mudrās enables the mind to promote relaxation and calmness. They are best practiced sitting simply cross legged in vajrasana or in lotus posture. In conjunction, the use of Ujjai breathing to accompany the mudrās creates connection and flow to the body’s chakras, also known as prana flow.

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Develop your yoga practice with mudras

Although hand (haste) mudrās are the most common in yoga, there are also postural/body (kaya) mudrās and consciousness (citta) mudrās. Complex mudrās involve the whole body in a combination of asana, pranayama, banda and visualisation. Develop your yoga practice and movement of the body though the inner and outer journey of A 200-hour yoga teacher training course Start each morning with the practice of meditation, mudrās, pranayama and mantra chanting.

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