Ocean Bloom Bend your Body, Mend your Mind. Conscious Movement Therapist, Fitness and Yoga Retreat Specialist.

Ocean Bloom is an internationally renowned bodywork therapist, wellness coach, and retreat leader.

With over 25 years experience as a Fitness World Champion, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Certified Yoga Teacher, Ocean’s pioneering approach combines fitness modalities with the ancient elements of Yoga, Chinese and Thai Medicine, to facilitate the return to health not just physically, but in the mind and spirit as well.

Ocean is the founder and facilitator of “Conscious Movement Therapy”. Her extensive studies in South East Asia have provided her with a comprehensive skill set that incorporates Yoga, Breath Work, Thai Yoga Massage, and Emotional Clearing Techniques. She is pleased to offer deep healing and transformative life-changing treatments. She has worked with high-profile celebrities, athletes, first responders, and trauma survivors, to help them release blockages and reprogram their mind-body balance.

What is Conscious Movement Therapy?

CMT is a centring approach to transforming physical, emotional and energetic blockages, in a way that is empowering and uplifting. It is an extraordinarily powerful full-body healing treatment, which often provides immediate results to its recipients. CMT sessions combine Dialogue, Breath Work, and Thai Yoga Massage, to connect each person to his or her own inner guide.

Whether you are motivated by a desire to transform one or more aspects of your life, or you have physical and emotional issues that are causing discomfort, illness, trauma or addiction, CMT offers you a way to release and address patterns and behaviours that are affecting your mind, emotions, body and overall health.

What to expect in a CMT session

In a 90-minute session, you are heard, acknowledged, guided, and empowered. Also, you are given resources to create greater presence and self-awareness. CMT sessions will help you release the energy trapped in your body caused by painful events from the past.

Also, it will help you get clarity on what is happening in the present and provide you with tools to move forward in a meaningful way.

How CMT works

CMT is about getting to the core of our feelings and beliefs, and physically clearing emotions by working through challenges and energetically flushing the nervous system in a direct and powerful way.

CMT is facilitated through the combination of 6 different types of therapy. Its core is based around Breathing (Prana-Energy), Meditation, and the physical movements rooted in Yoga and Thai Massage. Subtle Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Tapping techniques are used to access the subconscious.

There can be a huge separation between our thoughts and feelings, our conscious and subconscious. We often tell ourselves one thing when we are feeling something completely different. The body holds memories, trauma, pain, guilt, shame, and stress. Even joy is blocked in its tissues. If these trapped experiences are held for too long without a release, the body starts to break down and create illness.

We can be unaware of our feelings, we may have suffered trauma and blocked things out, we may not feel safe enough to speak our truths, or we may fear being judged. The beauty of our body is that it always tells the truth regardless of the story that the mind is running.

In CMT the breath and the body are used to release and clear what couldn’t be said or acknowledged. After a CMT session, you will experience a feeling of calmness and lightness, and you will appreciate a greater perspective and awareness of self and others.

Yoga (Hatha, Power, Yin, Trance Dance)

During a 75-90 minute class you can explore new patterns of movement, sound, Breath Work and Meditation. Ocean offers energetic Vinyasa Flow sequences to create a deeper connection to your physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies, and improve postural alignment, balance and core strength.

Raw fitness

Become vibrantly alive and re-connect to your body with conscious movement and breath awareness. Raw Fitness incorporates a variety of training styles utilizing your own bodyweight and sandbags. Increase your strength, cardio and core work while de-stressing and gaining mental clarity. During our 60-minute session, Ocean encourages, supports, and empowers you to move beyond what you may think possible.