200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Jun 16th – Jul 7th 2019

Ubud ~ BALI

Join us in on the beautiful beaches of Bali for an intimate journey through the mind, body and soul as you explore the inner depths of yourself through a mindful movement practice


Set in the spiritually rich island of Bali Ubud, this intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course (YTTC) offers students an in-depth immersion into the art of yoga.

Our program builds upon the foundations of correct alignment for each unique body. We believe that to become an accomplished yogi and inspired teacher, one must develop a deep understanding of their own body, mind and soul. Once understanding how your own body moves, we guide you through the art of teaching, assisting and adjusting others.

Our focus is on Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, and we include workshops on the other main styles of yoga and advanced postures. This course emphasizes on the detailed alignments of each pose, and on building your teaching skills with extensive teaching practice. By the end of the training, you will confidently teach a 90-minute class.

We set ourselves apart by providing an intimate training experience. Our course is limited to 16 students and takes place in handpicked private retreat locations. You will learn and grow in a quiet and nurturing environment, while remaining close to the main touristic attractions of Ubud.

A Yoga Teacher Training is not only for those who want to become yoga teachers. In fact, most students join YTTCs to deepen their practice, learn more about the aspects of yoga that are rarely covered in studio classes, develop a home practice, or simply take a journey into the self. A yoga teacher training is the opportunity to explore the many layers of yoga, discover yourself through yoga philosophy, meet and share with like-minded souls, and experience a life-changing course.

Bali Feature

Why choose Bali for your 200-hour YTTC with Action Yoga Travel?

We are dedicated travel specialist offering experienced advise to anyone considering embracing this new opportunity of a Yoga Teacher Trainer Course.  We know the teachers, the location and the benefits that yoga presents.

Gain an in-dept understanding of postures
With the recent rise of yoga injuries, we make it our mission to teach you how to practice and teach safely. Whether it is during practices, asana labs, or anatomy classes, proper alignment is our underlying theme!

Build your teacher skills
Our course offers the most extensive teaching practice experience there is, so that when you graduate, you can immediately start your career as a confident yoga teacher.

Embrace the yoga tradition in your modern life
Respecting the yoga tradition does not have to deny our modern lives! Our course is practical and adapted to your reality, so that you can apply tangible tools to your life.

Receive personal support in an intimate environment
With small groups limited to 16 students, we create a safe environment to learn, growth, and discover more about yourself. You will receive dedicated personalized one-on-one support from your teachers for your own unique specific needs.

Breath taking locations
A yoga teacher training can be an intense transformational experience, so we ensure to provide you the best possible environment to support your journey. After a long day packed with practices and classes, who wants to have to worry about poor accommodation or food? Not us! We carefully selected our private retreat centers to provide you with inspiring and calming surroundings, comfortable and clean accommodation, and nourishing yummy food!

No hidden costs!
We hate hidden fees and unexpected expenses for our students, so our courses include all meals, accommodation and activities.