The enchanting benefits of sound therapy

Experience the world of a gong bath

At the beginning of this year, whilst on a yoga retreat I experienced for the first time the vibrational tones of a gong bath; also known as sound therapy.  I was intrigued by this ancient ritual, therefore was open to the experience with no preconceived judgements of what to expect being ‘bathed’ in these mysterious sound vibrations.

So what is a gong bath?

As a group we positioned ourselves fully clothed onto the floor with pillows, blankets and yoga mats for comfort. Eyes closed, and with slowness of breath, the gong waves of sound started to wash over me bathing my mind into a meditative state of relaxation. It was a unique and calming experience that was a journey into the healing benefits of sound. The force of the gong was powerful – cutting through mental chatter, yet simultaneously calming by stirring my soul with its everlasting continuation. Also experienced during the session were alternative therapeutic sounds that resonated, including turning forks and Tibetan singing bowls which added another dimension of sound to the overall meditative experience of lying and listening.

What are the benefits? 

The healing benefits of sound therapy are achieved through the state of daydreaming and imagination which are all part of the Alpha brainwave of thinking. Surrendering to the process of non-rhythmic sound enables deep meditation to occur named Theta. Through harnessing reverberating sounds it will lulled me into a peaceful and mindful state of being. After my gong bath I felt deeply relaxed and rested. I had experienced a very grounding yet at the same time uplifting connection to myself and those around me.

How can I include sound therapy into my yoga practice?

Our Yoga Teacher Training courses will provide you with the confidence, creativity and insight to incorporate the vibrational medicine of sound uniquely into your own yoga practice and teachings. A 200-hour yoga teacher training course starts with the morning practice of meditation, pranayama and mantra chanting offering you with the benefits of therapeutic qualities of sound and holistic healing.

Contact me today if you have any questions regarding the healing benefits of sound therapy, are interest in attending a wellness resort, or expanding your horizons to travel to Bali and participate in Two hundred hour yoga training retreats