N E W !!! Latest Cork Yoga Mat – Bhumi Yoga Mat!

World’s first sustainable cork yoga mat with alignment cues

LATY has taken a new direction of consciousness with the creation of a superior cork yoga mat. An all natural product with a cork layer on the surface and natural rubber base underneath. The Bhumi Yoga Mat offers sustainability, functionality and natural beauty. 

Why a yoga mat made of cork?

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials existing in the world. It comes from the bark of the cork oak trees which regenerates naturally throughout its life. It takes 7-9 years for the bark to regenerate. Subsequently no trees are cut down in the process of harvesting cork. That means that the natural process of maturation occurs sustainably, and in harmony with nature. It makes sense to use this all natural biodegradable material to produce a long lasting yoga mat; just for you! 

Why we love the Bhumi Yoga Mat

  • All Natural – 100% natural product with ethical sustainability.
  • Biodegradable- Eco friendly. Made with earth’s natural renewable resources.
  • Long Lasting – Cork is a highly durable material and easily to maintain.
  • Anti Bacterial – Cork is organic, eliminates odour, and does not absorb dust.
  • Non Slip – Lasting grip to enhance a smoother yoga practice.
  • Thermoregulating – The Bhumi Yoga Mat regulates to the body’s temperature.
  • Unique – Original body alignment design thanks to its low profile visual cues.

Corkyogamat   Yoga

Be one with your Bhumi Yoga Mat:

Key posture reference points offer guidance for correct alignment and positioning.  Designed by Yogis, these visual cues and geometric shapes help straighten the body and find the right alignment of the spine. Consistency and correct alignment is integral to create a stable foundation allowing the body to open in new ways, and to reduce the risk of injury. Essentially alignment in yoga is the way each pose should be done for the greatest benefit and least risk. The Bhumi Yoga Mat offers better balance through guided alignment, it also provides essential grounding energy of a natural, sustainable, and recyclable product – cork. 

Which Bhumi Yoga Mat to choose: 

All three superior mindfully designed Bhumi Yoga Mats offer beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis key reference points for their everyday yoga practice: 

*Bhumi Mat – Minimal 

The purest of the three designs; a simple line in the centre will guide you very subtly to find your alignment.

3.5mm (1.4”) thick

66 x 183 cm (27×72”)

*Bhumi Mat – Geo

This timeless design is based on key posture reference points. The visually attractive, geometrical lines will offer guidance to improve your alignment.

3.5mm (1.4”) thick

66 x 183 cm (27×72”)

*Bhumi Mat – Psyche

Aesthetically the most fun of the three designs, yet still offers a visual range of body alignment systems. 

3.5mm (1.4”) thick

66 x 183 cm (27×72”)

What’s the significance of the name Bhumi?

Bhumi is the Hindu goddess of the earth. Symbolic of Mother Nature and the connection we all have to our surroundings and to each other, this special bond manifests through the practice of yoga. Grounding to nature and feeling its energy aligns with a healthy, natural yogic lifestyle.  The Bhumi Yoga Mat reinforces this synergy between the body, mind, soul and earth. The energy of the sustainable cork yoga mat promotes a balanced approach to well being, not only to ourselves, but to the earth in which we live. Experience the natural grounding benefits of the Bhumi Yoga Mat.

Embrace a conscious lifestyle, embrace the benefits of a Bhumi Yoga Mat. 

Order your Bhumi Mat today! 

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