Meditation square

Yoga Retreat Meditation

Learning how to meditate in theory sounds easy like an easy task. Just breathe.

Meditation Musings

Sounds simple right? Yet, to actually become aware of what is happening deep inside of ourselves, can be to the wandering mind like mine, highly challenging. To dwell in the present moment, and have the courage to observe our feelings, our minds, and our bodies requires patience, persistence and practice. I use the word ‘courage’ as meditation does require one to look deeply and compassionately into oneself without judgement. Therefore, could the hesitation of not having embraced meditation as a daily practice earlier, be a fear of what I might find? An unknowing voice that may emerge? Or the discomfort of a deeper connection to the neglected self, and the feeling of guilt for this lack of acknowledgement. Perhaps, it has been the belief that I simply didn’t have the time and motivation each morning to dedicate to meditation.

A choice to be more mindful and meditate

Previously, meditation had only occurred before and after a yoga class that I would attend. This meant that it was an ‘add on’ to my life, rather than a daily intention of focus. Yet now through a shift of awareness, I have made a choice to be more mindful of my time. Conscious breathing, mindfulness, stability and peace enters my inner world, albeit briefly each morning.

Seeds of the mind flourish when you meditate

Meditation is similar to gardening, it requires a cultivation of patience and time. The seasons of change are reflected through each morning’s wave of breath consciously connecting with oneself. To germinate and flourish. We like the seed need an environment of harmony and balance. Gardening sees a transformation of growth much like meditation does. A seed of the mind flourishes in a field that is nurturing and plentiful. Observe your thoughts and like the breath – exhale and release.

Just breathe.